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Previous Projects

The Bablu Project

We were able to help a 15-year old boy named Bablu who previously hadn’t been given the right support, which resulted in him being bed ridden for four years. We were able to provide a diagnosis and organise home support, a wheelchair and register him for the local government school. This project also allowed the Hope team to highlight other children in villages that need help.

This project works at its best when the team is in India – when they return to the UK progress slows down again. This needs to be addressed and once the charity is fully established we aim to have two individuals who will manage the project locally whilst the main team is in the UK.

This is part of our future plan, whereby projects can be managed from the beginning through to completion with individuals in India sustaining the processes in the meantime.


PRAAYAS is an organisation based in Chandigarh where its Director, a humble passionate man, wanted to help children with special needs. They have an excellent structure and, as with the other projects, they have the skeleton but not the body parts. We were able to develop a play activity room with them and show them different ways of teaching their children. This proved to be a successful mini project and they are still continuing their good work and making a difference to the lives of children with special educational needs and disabilities in Chandigarh.

Methodologies for Rural Education and Learning (M-REAL)

A small village project run by a young man, who provides basic education for village children. Hope and Compassion were able to provide a stair rail as children were using the stairs with the risk of falling. We were able to donate six months’ worth of sanitary towels for the girls as an interim solution until the health care department were able to provide more. Equipment and resources from the USA collected by volunteers were donated to all the children.