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Hope and Compassion has carried out a pilot projects to improve provision for children with special educational needs in certain areas of northern Punjab, India. As a result of our assessments we found that there were clearly defined areas of need for development and improvement in the fields of education, communication, social and personal skills and stimulation of senses and physical awareness. This has provided further insight into the multi-disciplinary team we need to develop, which would include the use of speech and language therapists, music and art therapists, complementary therapists, Makaton signing and PECS specialists, teachers, teaching assistants and support workers.

We will enable UK professionals to share their skills and experience through exchange programmes for volunteers. Once our multi disciplinary team, with specific and expert skills, has been fully developed, we will be able to train local carers and enable a high level of education and knowledge base to be passed on and utilised in the everyday running of the nominated charities abroad. Chosen professionals will travel to and reside at a charity/school for a minimum of 14 days.

Within this programme, professionals will identify transferable elements of their own practice and benefit from sharing these with colleagues in other parts of the world. They will also benefit from seeing, first hand, a different cultural background relating to the culture and ethnic origin of some of their pupils, patients and clients in their own residing country.

Volunteers will be provided with:

  • Volunteer Induction Pack
  • Initial Workshop
  • Action plan of tasks with aims and objective
  • A debriefing session on return
  • Accommodation, transport and food in the host country

Volunteers will be expected to:

  • Fund their own flights
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures
  • Successfully pass clearance checks
  • Fundraise where possible with own contacts and organisations
  • Develop an action plan of tasks with aims and objectives for the trip

There is no fee for registering with the charity and nor do we stipulate any amount. Fundraising through your schools, institutes and organisations, in order to help with incurring costs, is much appreciated.

We welcome Volunteers from all walks of life who appreciate our vision and share the passion to make a difference with the organisations and children we work with.

Our Volunteers come with an attitude to do something different, to touch lives and help to sustain projects. What makes us unique, is the fact that we have specialists in the different areas of special educational needs.