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It is wonderful to see Hope and Compassion taking its precious work into British gurdwaras and extending its reach. Now Sikh children with special needs and particularly those with autism, will be able to participate in spiritual activities that are suited to them. We can all learn from Hope and Compassion’s deep commitment to equal access for all children to a deep spiritual life. They also are supporting families, creating a network and educating the wider community.

Anne Krisman – RE teacher for Children with SEN and Disabilities, Kent, UK.

Before Hope and Compassion the children used to for exercise but there was not much improvements, they were not excited and no motivation, there were no physical movements.

When Hope and Compassion came in and produced the sensory and gave training within 3 months, two teachers were chosen Myself and Simran to utilise the rooms everyday. This additional training has increased our pay and given us the opportunity to spend more time with the children to teach them different things. We now know the difference of what we can do in classroom and in the sensory rooms, we had no knowledge of this before.

Since the sensory rooms have been developed, this has been beneficial that we are able to teach the children. The training was based on the children’s communication, identification of colours, lights, concentration, touch, good response eye contact and body movement much more.  It started with 8 children, then 10, then 12, 18 and now there are 26 – 80 children.The children became active, they started to talk what they liked what they can learn from.



Hope and Compassion have donated many toys for the children in the sensory rooms, we have a build a relationship where we can request and tell the team when we needed new resources. The rooms give the children different environments from their wards and they know that this is another place and they have completely different toys to play with. Harsh is always asking to go… if he could he would come every day and loves it so much. The ward head said clearly that he is not as happy when he goes for physio as he is when is in the sensory rooms. Harsh sadly passed away in 2010 aged 9.

We now need more development and training on other things we can do in the sensory rooms, we have the basic knowledge and now want more training what next for the children.

Anita Batra Special Needs Teacher, Pingalwara, Amritsar, India.

We found out about Hope and compassion through an employee who used to work with Pingalwara Special School.  Hope and Compassion gave us the ideas and knowledge about how the resource rooms should be, the impacts of colours and what a learning environment should look like to provide an effective learning. They have been supporting us for many years and we value their input but there is so much do with our children. Hope and compassion visit Pehal Govt Resource Centre for Differently Abled Student with a team of Special Educator. They arrange 3 day assessment camp for 98 special children of Pehal centre run By SSA( an Govt Organisation) and give Goal and target of each individual children . They also make group of 9-12 special children according to their ability and provide financial help for participation of class rooms.

Dharminder Singh – Special Co-ordinator Sarv Sikhia Abhian, Amritsar, India. 


Hope & Compassion embodies a selfless, limitless and boundless spirit for me, which provides hope, love and compassion for people and children in need of love, attention and basic material needs, wherever they are.

From the moment I came to know the purpose of this wonderful charity and met its charismatic Director, I knew I wanted to be involved in its work. Indeed I was immensely grateful the moment I was accepted as a volunteer! A dream I held as a child came true that moment, helping those in need and being a part of a bigger change.

The service I have had the opportunity of doing and the seva that was made possible, including involving children and adults from England who wanted to help in their own ways, doing whatever they could: working towards a united purpose, was only made possible due to Hope & Compassion and its outreach here and abroad.

Hope & Compassion carries the spirit of its wonderful Directors whose focus, attention to detail and a no-nonsense attitude alongside a relaxed, loving and friendly outlook, here and abroad, constitutes an organisation with its own unique goals and outlook, is different from any other charity going strong for the past 8 years.

I feel proud to be a part of this inspiring, forward-looking, all-encompassing charity. I have received so much from being a part of it, more than I can ever express! Thank you Hope & Compassion for allowing me to be a part of the family!

Simran Kaur – Volunteer, Wolverhampton, UK. 

It was a privilege to be the first special needs teacher to volunteer with Hope and Compassion and have the opportunity to go. I joined the trip for two weeks in February 2011. This followed retirement in July 2006 having spent 20 years teaching secondary aged pupils with severe learning difficulties. I had always felt it would be a waste to not have the opportunity use my skills, knowledge and experience again, so I was delighted when 5 years later the chance arose to become involved with Hope and Compassion. I had worked with one of the directors some years ago in school. After time to reflect on my experiences I have no doubts that I made the right decision to go to India. These experiences are life changing and I trust that in some small way I have contributed to changing things, moving things on and influencing attitudes.

Althea Greenaway- Retired Special Needs Teacher, Solihull, UK.